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North Carolina Christian Drug Rehab

North Carolina Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation services information: Here at Christian Drug Rehab .org we help people locate Christian based treatment facilities. There are various Christian drug rehab centers located in North Carolina but each facility may differ in length, cost and their approaches to drug addiction treatment. Moreover some North Carolina rehab programs are provided on an inpatient basis while others offer an outpatient program.
North Carolina Christian Drug Rehab
The best way to start the recovery process is to enter an intensive Christian drug treatment center. Nevertheless there are many drug rehabs available and it can be difficult finding the best Christian program for you or a loved-one. Universal to each Christian drug rehab is that they center first and foremost on the importance of freeing people from alcoholism and drug addiction through building a relationship with the Lord Christ Jesus, therefore through learning and applying the Word of God and developing a foundation of faith, with wisdom and knowledge on right living to lead healthy productive lives, free of addictions to drugs, alcohol and other hurts habits and hang-ups that might lead back to using drugs.

Drug and alcohol treatment recovery is a long-term process that presents many challenges, and to overcome these an individual needs to be strong with faith and patience to wait upon the Lord and no longer turn to drugs and alcohol in times of trouble. So staying involved in to Christian support groups is critical after leaving drug rehab.

Furthermore drug and/or alcohol addiction causes harmful effects on all aspects of an individual’s being; for that reason, choosing a fitting Christian treatment center in North Carolina to begin the recovery process is important, also for the whole duration of their recovery. However, more often than not it is better to get an addict far from their drug-using environment upon entering detox or treatment, therefore a Christian drug rehab in North Carolina may not be idea. Nevertheless we can help you find an addiction treatment center anywhere in the country.

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List of low and no-cost long-term North Carolina Christian drug rehabs (Bible based discipleship programs).

Christian Rehabs Name Gender Program Duration Contact
Teen Challenge ADULTS 1 year 417-862-6969
Hebron Colony   60 days 828-963-4842
Bethel Colony Men 65 days 828-754-3781
Christian love ministries Women   828-835-3895
House of Prayer   3 to 6 months 336-882-1026
Freedom House Women & Children 1 year 336-286-7622
Jacob House & Zadok House Men   919-735-8094
Safe Harbor Rescue Mission Women 1 year 828-326-7233
Charlotte Rescue Mission     704-334-4635
Redeemer's Recovery Ranch Women 90 day 704-545-1544
Salvation Army (ARC) ADULTS 6 to 9 mo. 800-728-7825




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